Ø Rules and conditions

Dear customer, we would like you to read carefully this list of standards that our company requires to comply with, in case these circumstances occur and avoid misunderstandings.

Normally, no company starts its relationship with a new client, showing the less favorable aspects but we believe it is fundamental nowadays, to inform all the aspiring clients that the fulfillment of these norms, is totally necessary for the lasting coexistence between supplier and client. .


· All goods travel with postage paid but charged on the invoice. Our company chooses the most appropriate medium in relation to the hurry-nature of the material.

· The postage will be paid and not charged in invoice as long as the orders are subject to an offer or are the result of a supplier-client agreement based on many factors.

· The customer has the right to know the existing offers for total or partial reduction of the concept of postage.

· If the goods travel in a proper way, the customer can choose the means of transport that are convenient for him.

· If the company considers that an order has a high value in relation to the weight or volume expressed, we would proceed to make an additional insurance so that it is covered in any incident. The expenses produced by this insurance will be increased in the transport concept.

· Our company will never be responsible for the delay in the delivery of any merchandise. The client will have all the information we can provide, as well as the procedures to speed up or find deliveries.

· Because of transport, we would never be responsible for any expenses generated by the delay



· For orders under € 60 we will include a surcharge on the transport concept of € 2.00 of expenses for excess handling in storage.

· For closed and pre-invoiced budgets, our company will charge 2.00 € in concept of expenses generated by the preparation of said budget.

· If there is a return of bank effect, our accounting department will charge some expenses corresponding to bank commissions that have produced or generated the return.

· The replacement of these expenses must be done immediately, along with the nominal return. If the customer can demonstrate the non-responsibility of this return, by you or your bank, the expenses would be returned.

· In the case of difficult-to-collect effects, provided that our company has tried multiple times, the collection of these effects directly with the client and if it has not had any results, we would pass the collection management to a specialized company, so that with the nominal returns plus the expenses produced by the banks, the expenses that the management company passes to us, for the resolution of the unpaid ones, would also be added.


· The multiple deliveries of catalogs, will always be under a project studied and authorized by our company. The cost of these catalogs will be paid by the supplier, customer or shared according to the status of said project.

· At any time the company can assess the opposite and leave the supply of these catalogs for economic reasons.

· The cost of transporting the catalogs will always be borne by the customer (since the catalogs are not charged so that at least the client collaborates minimally with the transport).

· The transport on the shipment of requested samples will be charged to the client if it is produced by a conventional agency, however, it will be free if we send it by the postal service.

· The delivery of the catalogs will finally be designated by our company assessing its cost and speed.


· The returns of material must be authorized by our company and will be returned by the means of transport that we indicate otherwise the expenses incurred will be charged.

· If there is any return of an order passed by telephone and that at the customer's discretion, the order is erroneous but in which our company is sure of having served it correctly, since only the customer's word against us is the cost that can be incurred The return or correct replacement of the order will be shared 50% by the customer and supplier, since there is no physical evidence by any party in which the responsibility is determined.

· Any order must have the reference and name of the color of the product, never the number, in order not to mislead. Otherwise our company will not be responsible for any type of damage or expense. Our company intends to install a call engraving system for quick clarification of responsibilities.

· When returns occur due to scraps of material or any other circumstance generated by the customer, the company will normally accept the return of the material always in exchange for another material of equal or greater amount. The expenses that occur will be borne by the customer.

· We will never accept any return of material that has been tampered with even though the order was wrong, for this the customer must always check the material in all its aspects before the beginning of its handling.

· Obviously, materials that present a technical or quality problem are excluded from this rule.

· We will not accept any return or cancellation of the order belonging to "SPECIAL ORDERS" since our company has probably paid it in advance to its supplier since it is of a special nature.

· Regarding the world of hoods, we recommend that our client request in advance part of the amount to the final customer as a signal since there could be refunds that our company could not accept, in this way you would avoid cancellations or other problems on your part. client.

◾The intention of our company, is to express prices through the lists that are delivered periodically to customers, but sometimes, there are unexpected changes in prices so it is impossible to get this information to all customers, due to inactivity of some accounts.

◾ Our company reserves the right to apply new prices on the changing product or to apply the old one based on stock, customer, etc. ...

◾ Offers that have a start date and expiration date, will always be respected unless the client is previously informed.

◾ The prices that are really valid are those that we publish on our website www.marianotafalla.com in the prices section; please enter your customer number when the system asks for it and you will access the valid prices according to the corresponding offers.